Physical Therapy Local Online Marketing with Social Media

physical therapy local social media marketing

Online marketing has a lot of advantages. It’s relatively inexpensive, easy to track, and a great way to reach a patient pool that spends an increasing amount of time in front of screens. Practice owners looking to leverage social media in their area can turn to three social media channels that will allow them to […]

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The Number 1 Factor in Physical Therapy Referral Marketing

physical therapy referral marketing

As the old saying goes, people buy from people they trust. How do you establish and maintain trust? Here are four easy ways to accomplish this today and improve your physical therapy referral marketing program. 1. LOOK LIKE A PRO Like it or not, in this world, looks matter. A professional appearance conveys respect to […]

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Physical Therapy Website Accessibility – ADA Compliance in the Digital World

ADA compliance and PT website design and development

Physical therapists understand the importance of creating an accessible environment better than most professionals. Working with people who are injured or struggling with pain often involves meeting them on their level, and the same is true for creating a space that’s welcoming for people with physical disabilities. When it comes to creating accessible spaces, we […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing Tip: How to Use Micro-Influencers To Grow Your Practice

physical therapy influencer marketing

What are Micro-Influencers? Micro-influencers are people with a distinct social media presence, typically between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, that are in your local community. They know a lot about your community and people look to them for recommendations and advice about what matters and what to purchase. Since micro-influencers resemble more of a trusted friend […]

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Four Different Ways You Can Create Targeted Local Physical Therapy Ad Campaigns On Facebook

physical therapy Facebook ad targeting

Facebook has become a powerful advertising platform for small businesses including physical therapy practices. The combination of being able to reach people by their interests, social connections, pages that they’ve visited, as well as by their location makes this ad platform a very effective option for PT clinics. Practices can reach potential new patients, grow […]

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17 Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas to Make Your Physical Therapy Website More Credible and Generate More New Patients

17 physical therapy marketing tips

Authority, credibility, expertise, and trust are all important factors that patients scrutinize when looking at a physical therapy website. Patients that are unable to develop a sense of trust with you as a physical therapy service provider are less likely to call or request time with you on your appointment request system. Increase trust and […]

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Physical Therapy Online Marketing – Focus on the Fundamentals

physical therapy marketing fundamentals

Most practices owners would agree, that in today’s competitive PT market, you need a great physical therapy online marketing to win.  With the myriad of online marketing options, get-rich-quick, “be a 7-figure practice” schemes, misinformation, and time constraints, practice owners are often left very confused. While every practice has different needs, we’ve found that there […]

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4 Simple Ways That the Patient Experience Can Make or Break Your Practice

patient nurturing in physical therapy

When patients drop out of care, your practice loses more than the revenue from those never-completed visits. You miss out on the future revenue from that patient potentially coming back as well as the additional referrals those patients might have delivered had they completed their treatment. Imagine that cycle as it continues—the loss of those […]

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Physical Therapy Video Testimonials – How and Why

physical therapy video testimonials

Physical therapy video testimonials are yet another marketing strategy that so few PT practices are implementing. Proof in the form of happy patients that are willing to tell the world how happy they are with your physical therapy services is the best marketing content possible. Nothing will give a prospective patient more confidence than seeing […]

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Physical Therapy Ratings and Reviews – Negative Reviews Aren’t So Bad

physical therapy ratings and reviews

Here are some thoughts about negative physical therapy ratings and reviews, why they aren’t so bad, how and why you should respond to them, as well as positive reviews too. Before I get into it, you should know that an occasional negative review is actually beneficial.  Don’t believe it? Check this study out (available as […]

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The Six-Step Process For Creating Physical Therapy Marketing Content Even When You Are Very Busy

six steps to physical therapy content marketing

We’ve all heard that we should be creating more content for our practice.  Physical therapy content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that you might want to consider. Years ago, popular marketer Gary Vaynerchuk stated that all businesses are media businesses.  You’ve probably heard you need to create blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social […]

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Get Better Results From Your Physical Therapy Social Media Marketing

physical therapy marketing strategy

Not where you’d like to be with your social media presence? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – social media is a challenge (and perhaps even a mystery) for many physical therapy practices! The good news is that the pace of change in today’s private practice marketing world means that it’s never too late to jump […]

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