Four of the Most Important Physical Therapy Website Content Tips  Most  Don’t Even Know

Having worked with over 2000 practices, generated over 100,000 appointment requests and over 600,000 phone calls, we’ve continued to evolve our physical therapy marketing services based on data, feedback, patients case studies, and client wants and needs. Below you’ll find four tips, based on considerable experience, that will help you develop a better PT private […]

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A 15-Point Checklist to Make Sure Your Physical Therapy Website is Converting Visitors to Patients

physical therapy website development checklist

There’s a saying in marketing: “People judge what they can’t see based on what they can see.” With new patient acquisition becoming more difficult, it’s critical that your physical therapy website be a reflection of the high-quality service you provide. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to convert viewers that are visiting your website right now […]

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What’s Your PT Company’s Story?

One of the human brain’s most fascinating qualities is its ability to remember narratives…like a playoff game at Lambeau Field. You may not remember what time your mail carrier comes or recall your Netflix password instantly, but I bet you can talk about a sporting event, like Sunday Night Football, or a movie you love […]

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Common Physical Therapy Branding Mistakes

physical therapy branding

If you are just starting your practice, here are some physical therapy branding mistakes that could torpedo your company’s image. The value of a strong brand cannot be overstated when it comes to growing your business. We call adhesive bandages Band-Aids and cotton swabs Q-tips because those companies excel at creating memorable, trusted brands that […]

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Thoughts on Physical Therapy Facebook Ads

physical therapy facebook marketing

Are you thinking about running Facebook ads for your PT clinic? Here’s something that I really need to explain to practice owners: Facebook ads are just the WORST marketing strategy to start with for physical therapy clinic owners. I’m not saying ads don’t work. But there’s just so much that goes into the success of […]

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3 Clinical Studies to Share with Physicians To Generate More Referrals

physical therapy physician referral marketing

Physicians often overlook the value of physical therapy. But if you bring them clinical proof of the value it can provide to their patients, they’re more likely to refer to you than if you were to just ask them for a referral point-blank. Here are three great clinical research articles you can download and drop […]

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Physical Therapy Google Ads Management – 4 Ways to Improve

physical therapy google ads management

We’re well into 2021 and the pandemic is waning.  If you’re still struggling to fill your clinic, so it may be time to think about advertising…in particular, Google The first component (and usually the most expensive) of a marketing strategy is lead generation. John Jantsch calls this step getting people to “know” you. Alan Dibb […]

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How to Turn a One-Time Patient Into a Repeat Customer

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to obtain a new one. If that’s the case, what are the best ways to market specifically to previous customers? It doesn’t always involve direct marketing; much of it has to do with simple follow-up. MESSAGES PATIENTS – GENERATE REPEAT BUSINESS […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing This Spring – Clean Out the Cobwebs

PT Marketing Plan

Spring is here, and that means you may be gearing up to do some hefty cleaning at home or in the office. But spring cleaning can be accomplished in other ways as well. This is a great opportunity to revamp your marketing strategies by cleaning out some of the “marketing cobwebs” you’ve been ignoring for […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing in 2021 – Does Your Community Know About You?

Physical Therapy Marketing - Does Your Community Know About You

In this post I want to share five brief interviews I did with members of my local North San Diego community.  The answers were a bit surprising. Here’s the recording: David Straight · Interview With Community Members About PT Here’s the transcript of the interviews: Interviewer: “Thank you for participating. The first question I have […]

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Your About Us Page Could Be Suffering From These 6 Mistakes

Your About Us page probably has more website viewers land on it than you think. Too many companies treat this valuable real estate like an afterthought. They knock off a paragraph about why they started their practice or add in their mission and that’s about it. Take advantage of this missed opportunity! With so many […]

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