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"Maria Ny is my right hand gal. I couldn't do it without her! When it comes to running e-blasts she is the most creative and extremely helpful! "
Aug 21, 2020
"Thank you for providing a simple, yet highly effective business reputation training! Implementing the simple practices has been effortless and has already produced a review! We look forward to more success and it should be easy with your steps. Thanks again!"
Jun 17, 2020
"I also would like to say how much of a pleasure it has been to work with each of you and the E-Rehab team over the past three and a half years. I know there have been times where a lot was thrown at you, but you were always so helpful in ensuring the integrity of our business remained intact. I truly appreciate what you and your team have done."
Jan 29, 2020
"It was great to see David and Jon in Dallas, we just love you guys and all your service, so happy we went with you over the competition. "
Jan 21, 2020
"Hey David, just wanted to let you know I really like the videos you guys put out. "
Jan 17, 2020
"Thank you for your advice David. You have been a good partner in my business."
May 17, 2019
"E-Rehab has always performed beautifully for my practice. We just finished a complete redesign of our website and they were so wonderfully professional with an excellent result. I worked mainly with Yvonne and Maria who were highly skilled, technically outstanding, friendly and accommodating at the same time. It was a pleasure to work with them and continue my relationship with E-Rehab."
Mar 04, 2019
"My new website just went live and I am very pleased!! Being an older PT and not very "techy", I was concerned about going through the process, but Beth was very patient with me and made it easy and smooth. Glad I did it and glad I went with e-Rehab. "
Feb 07, 2019
"E-Rehab is just great. Our clinic has used their services for a number of years. The team is not only highly knowledgeable, but I have found the customer service to be truly excellent - very responsive and helpful, especially to someone who is not particularly tech-savvy. "
Jan 28, 2019
"Really good job, did what was needed in a timely manner!"
Sep 14, 2018
"Great, easy training session."
Jul 16, 2018
"I really appreciated Beth's help today. She went the extra mile to get out e-mail back up and running smoothly"
Jul 11, 2018
"E-Rehab is a smart, engaging professional team who speedily understood our goals, mission and values, then translated those into a powerful, effective online marketing message. "
Jun 28, 2018
"David and his team have been such a valued source of information for our company; their strategies along with their platform will help us reach out to the community more effectively and promote our reputation. Couldn't be happier that they've streamlined this process in an easy to execute format for our team!!!"
Jun 27, 2018
"Excellent delivery of Reputation Marketing Training by David Straight. To the point and clear steps moving forward! Thank you for staying on and tackling the video technical challenges after."
May 01, 2018
"Beth did a great job helping me get my business to appear in more Google searches and to help me understand the process better."
Apr 17, 2018
"We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relation ship for 2018!! Thanks for all the help so far."
Feb 06, 2018
"E-Rehab is full of such amazing employees! They're so kind and they listen to every question asked--no matter how silly the question may sound. Working with them is such a good experience. "
Jan 09, 2018
"Dear E-rehab support staff. Thanks for sticking with me through all the changes we have been trying to make as we move from an old website to a new one. I am excited for it to go live."
Sep 29, 2017
"Just launched a great website and looking forward to enhanced digital marketing and other strategies. Great people to work with so far."
Sep 28, 2017
"Amazingly fast response time in setting up our new pages.Love those guys and girls at E-rehab."
Sep 27, 2017
"Easy to work with. It took a little explaining and back and forth to get my idea across, but the developer persisted until the page was just as I wanted."
Aug 23, 2017
"We've only been live for two weeks. Three out of five mobile website calls have already turned into patients and it's paid for itself this year for sure if not forever."
Aug 22, 2017
"Had multiple questions which Beth handled superbly. All were answered and she was great!!"
Aug 16, 2017
"Thanks so much for all your help in getting our new website going! You guys have been awesome to work with and we are very pleased with how easy this entire process has been. I’m so excited to share with our patients and community a beautiful website that we are really proud of. From everyone at Wyoming Specialized Physical Therapy, Thank you!!"
Aug 11, 2017
"Dianne and Sue did a great job, working with us to redesign our website. They were very helpful, and patient, throughout the whole process. Highly recommended."
Aug 11, 2017
"Beth was extremely helpful when explaining my account to me. Trevor M"
Aug 10, 2017
"David Straight & Beth are always so responsive! Every request, question or concern I have had, has been responded almost immediately by David!! It is great to have this outstanding support!"
Aug 10, 2017
"Beth thank you for always being there when we need you. I appreciate your excellent and prompt service, patience and congeniality. You are the best!"
Aug 09, 2017
"Excellent service and very pleased with the website design! Everyone was helpful and receptive to my ideas and thoughts, yet provided their expertise when needed to make sure it turned out well. Jay did a wonderful job with all the changes I sent. Thanks to everyone!"
Aug 08, 2017
"Sue has exemplified the best customer service and the most expedient by far."
Aug 08, 2017
"I only have good comments for Beth! She is always so helpful!! She goes the extra mile to comply with our requirements! and on top of that, she is SO easy to deal with, she understands our needs, she is courteous, and does not stop until are are fullfilled! Thank you Beth!"
Aug 01, 2017
"Maria always works her magic to make our special emails look great and be mobile phone friendly. E-rehab is the very best at taking the extra steps to make our digital presence perfect!!!"
Jul 28, 2017
"Very informative and presented well. Looking forward to seeing how well it works."
Jun 08, 2017
"Info was good. Once I have had a chance to put it into use I will be able to determine how good!"
May 30, 2017
"Great information, enjoyed it!!!"
May 17, 2017
"Thank you David, for providing excellent training and customer service. You've paved the way for our company to enjoy online marketing success!"
May 17, 2017
"Great inservice! Concise and informative."
May 04, 2017
"Good training. Hope to make the most of our next steps in marketing."
Apr 26, 2017
"David was very patient and thorough with the training. We happened to discover an error on our website and he dealt with it immediately. I'm impressed!"
Apr 26, 2017
"Ever since we upped our service with E-rehab, we have seen a record number of cash patients walking through the door because of our 5-star reputation. This has worked well for both direct access patients that want to be seen right away and patients that have a script from their doc and can choose where they want to go."
Apr 26, 2017
"We have been working with David and his team at E-Rehab for several years. From the start they helped make everything we wanted on our website and more. If you want to be assured the highest quality of service and product for your business, this is your company. Efficient, reliable, and they have produced and helped make everything they have promised and everything I have hoped for regarding our business marketing. And they will help you keep up with what drives the market and business now and in the future. Thank you David and your wonderful team!"
Apr 25, 2017
"Thank you David! We really appreciated all of your helpful information and are very motivated to implement your plan! Easy to understand and follow with measurable results!"
Apr 25, 2017
"David is always knowledgeable and informative about marketing advise. I'm excited to have partnered with him for my clinic's marketing needs."
Apr 18, 2017
"This training was very informative and easy to follow. All questions were answered."
Apr 12, 2017
"The training was straight forward and succinct. I'm excited to started!"
Apr 11, 2017
"David provided an easy to follow format. Thank you!"
Apr 11, 2017
"David managed our marketing meeting quite well despite multiple technical difficulties. I appreciate his time and patience."
Apr 11, 2017
"Since I started getting ratings and reviews from my patients, I've seen a 25-30% increase in business. I'm very thankful for the help has provided us."
Apr 08, 2017
"We opened a new office before we hired a Physician Liaison. I trained her over a 4 to 6 week period. After the training period was completed, we meet 30 mins per week on an ongoing basis to set goals, address challenges and check progress. Since the Liaison has started with us, the referrals to our new office went from 2-3 per week to 15 per week. Our other locations have benefited as well. Newsletters (which E-rehab provides) for Physicians and PA's (by their request) went from 12 to 46 - most want them hand delivered versus electronic, which provides an opportunity for the Liaison to see the office staff & build relationships. Until this opportunity was presented to me by David, I was floundering trying to manage any marketing efforts & maintaining an already busy schedule. I never thought that I could afford to do a program like this. I am extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend this program to the PT that wants to grow their practice."
Mar 10, 2017
"Wanted to thank you so much for the work done for us thus far; we all love how the site looks and operates."
Mar 09, 2017
"Keep up the great work with your SEO. We crush our competition. We for the 8th year in a row won best Physical Therapist and 1st year Best Homecare thanks in part to you and the wonderful websites that you provide us."
Mar 09, 2017
"You guys are doing a great job! Great PT service and a good website provider. What more could you ask for in getting a great reputation publicized. Congratulations to PT Care and E-rehab."
Mar 09, 2017
"David and his team have been very supportive in our journey to expand our practice. They have partnered with us to help us step into the digital world while managing our practice."
Feb 16, 2017
"David and his company, E-Rehab, continuously try to improve the value of their products for their clients. Their recent presentation on reputation marketing strategies was very enlightening to me and my staff and should help in this very competitive environment!"
Feb 09, 2017
"David was very knowledgeable in teaching the importance of Reputation marketing strategies. Training was very hands on and easy to understand."
Jan 09, 2017
"David spent quite a bit of time over the phone, with no expectation of upselling me on anything. He simply wanted to help me in my business, and freely gave his battle tested wisdom with me. I must say, I am impressed. I challenged some of his ideas, and he challenged mine, all in a productive way. He pointed me in a few directions that were NOT tied to his business, but were valuable to me. Thank you, David, for your time and expertise!"
Jan 04, 2017
"David Straight will save years of mistakes if you just model the process on how he become successful. His advice is invaluable."
Dec 02, 2016
"This organization has raised their bar so high, it's in the clouds! Over the past three years, the team of rock stars has help transform my company's website and brand. Their customer service and ability to respond in lightning speed, has assured me, they are committed to us, as we are them. They have my loyalty. Call them."
Dec 01, 2016
"Great tutorial! David Straight was very thorough and made the review process very easy to understand."
Nov 02, 2016
"Very knowledgeable!"
Sep 27, 2016
"Just starting out with new service. Have used David for many years to manage website. Now hoping to build brand image, and drive new patients to us"
Aug 17, 2016
"David has been great at helping move our PT practice to the next level. I look forward to implementing all of the Marketing and Reputation management programs. E-Rehab has also been great at helping redesign our website and mobile app. THANK YOU!!!"
Jul 28, 2016
"Great presntation"
Jun 30, 2016
"Training on the new marketing strategy was seamless and straight forward. I appreciated all of David's suggestions and assurances. We are excited to continue our relationship with E-Rehab as our company grows and we help our community."
Jun 28, 2016
"David at e-rehab was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend."
Jun 21, 2016
"Maria has been very quick to respond to my requests in developing our website. She has provided much useful feedback and been a real pleasure to work with. I feel that we are in very capable hands. Well done."
Jun 06, 2016
"As I am sure you know, ProCare's website went live today. I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say what a pleasure it has been working with the E-Rehab team over the past few months. The website design is exactly what we were looking for…sleek, clean and informative. I spent many years as a Hardware and Software QA Engineer in the Telecom industry and worked with many software developers. I can count on one hand how many provided the level of quality, responsiveness, and professionalism of your team. Dianne, Alyzza and Sue did an outstanding job. I am sure that there may be others who also put a lot of hard work into the website who I never had the chance to speak with. Please extend our thanks to all involved. Look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Adrienne"
Jun 06, 2016
"Interactions with technology resources can be frustrating for "laypeople," leaving customers/users feeling stupid and sometimes reticent about contacting the resource again. This is never the case with Maria at e-rehab She always gets the job done and is a real pleasure to work with. She's very responsive; specifically, she, quickly fits us into her priorities, is patient with our revisions, updates us about any challenges and completed changes, is creative in finding solutions that meet our objectives In short, she's a lifesaver!"
May 30, 2016
"David at E-rehab is awesome. He has gone above and beyond to meet my needs. His support staff is prompt and knowledgeable, and always take care of me. They know the PT biz, and know what we need from a website/marketing company. I highly recommend E-rehab, David and his services to any private practice PT looking to build a website, and to help with their marketing needs."
Apr 30, 2016
"As always David is thorough and on top of his game."
Apr 27, 2016
"We have just completed reputation management training with David. Every step of the process has been clear, concise and manageable even for the non computer expert. Any problems or questions have been quickly answered or remedied. I am feeling confident and very enthusiastic about promoting my business with the help of David and all the e-rehab team. ."
Apr 10, 2016
"Dave's approach to marketing has been extremely motivating. He has made understanding the process to market our practice and implementing it a task that can be systematically followed. His website and facebook group allow another level of support to encourage you to complete the process and succeed."
Apr 08, 2016
"Dave has been great to work with. We are just getting started with the marketing process and are learning a lot from his team. We look forward to seeing the benefits in our practice."
Apr 07, 2016
"I have been working with David Straight and his team for some years now and can't speak more highly about the service and quality of the product they produce. Updates to our web site are typically handled immediately and completed within 24 hrs. They are always on the cutting edge of the internet world and i would highly recommend them to anyone interested in working with a great team, that produces a great product at a very affordable price."
Feb 12, 2016
"Dave and John are simply amazing! They have a refined approach and have created a great marketing system plus a website that is easy to navigate. Patients have expressed their appreciation for our website and I know it is driving business to us. They tell us it is a step above and certainly influenced them to choose our practice. We have been with E-rehab for years because of their great support and will continue to do so."
Feb 04, 2016
"E-Rehab continues to provide us with exceptional service. We have been customers for several years and they always take care of our website needs very quickly. They are very receptive to changes and offer many updated ideas as well. Our patients love the monthly video newsletters too!"
Jan 08, 2016
"Thanks a million. I’m blown away by the level of care that you, as an owner, show to your clients. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Humam"
Dec 24, 2015
"E-rehab has been fantastic. Their team is very quick in getting things done. The service is top notch."
Dec 17, 2015
"David and his team are excellent at e-rehab, I have been using their services since last 3 years and the innovative things that they do for practice marketing and reputation marketing is top notch. I will recommend e-rehab to everybody in physical therapy business. We look forward for a very health business relationship with them in future and grow our practice on principles and quality we believe."
Dec 03, 2015
"Very easy to work with the E-Rehab team. Prompt communication. The modernizing of our web site has been tremendous and we are looking forward to implementing the surveys and reputation management aspects."
Dec 02, 2015
"David is the consummate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, patient,and really "hears" your concerns and questions. He tailors his presentation and information to the subject area most relevant to you. He definitely isn't giving a canned presentation and that makes all the difference in the world!"
Nov 30, 2015
"We have used e-rehab for over 10 years and the customer service has always been incredible. This company is at the cutting edge for online marketing for independant PT practices and their thinking is always one step ahead of what is happening in our market place as an independent physical therapy private practice. Thank you David Straight and the rest of the gang at E-Rehab"
Nov 15, 2015
"Excellent! Very informative"
Nov 11, 2015
"Our PT business has been using E-Rehab for over 7 years and it has proven to be the best investment! This company is on your side, I did not feel as though I was on opposing teams. And that's because David is passionate about the successes of small businesses! I would highly recommend E-Rehab's services to other businesses who wish to grow."
Oct 28, 2015
"Dave, Christina and their team at e-rehab did a wonderful job in getting our website up to speed and helping us reach our goals. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their website, social media reach and client reviews....Thanks!"
Sep 16, 2015
"Our physical therapy company has made great strides in an extremely short amount of time because E-Rehab has promised and delivered: excellent website, great customer service, the best use of current tools and technology to allow us to not only survive, but thrive."
Aug 14, 2015
"I am from Georgia and sought out help with our social media and patient reviews. Dave with E-Rehab did an excellent job explaining how they can help our business. We are excited to begin utilizing their tools. I would highly recommend E-Rehab's services to other businesses."
Aug 05, 2015
"Your tech support for our website is fabulous! I work closely with them all and they are always friendly and have quick turnaround."
Aug 04, 2015
"David and his staff have been invaluable to the growth of our Physical Therapy clinic. Our clinic now ranks extremely high on major online searches including google. They are constantly evolving and keeping their products and services relevant. I would recommend E-rehab to anyone looking for Physical Therapy website development and marketing."
Jul 21, 2015
"Love David . He's great at getting to the problem and helping me solve it."
Jul 20, 2015
"Dave and his team have been a great asset to my business and continue to provide fantastic products to help my business grow. From our initial website design 4 years ago to our recent website overhaul, E-Rehab has done an outstanding job with not only the final product, but also the customer experience throughout the entire process. Dave is innovative and very knowledgeable, and working with him has not only helped boost our patient volume, it has taken a lot of stress and time consuming tasks off of my plate which I strongly value as a business owner. I highly recommend E-Rehab and their services and look forward to whatever new products/services they come up with in the future!"
Jul 15, 2015
"Dave went into great detail about how reputation marketing can help my practice. I'd pay 10x this for his services."
Jul 10, 2015
"Really knowledgable, helpful and approachable."
Jul 09, 2015
"E-Rehab has been nothing but fantastic. The customer service is excellent, content is top notch and the cost an incredible value. I love working with groups that truly get what it means to be an indepednent practitioner in todays world. This group gets it and helps you promote it."
Jun 22, 2015
"David understands marketing and social media and more importantly understands the physical therapy business. I would recommend his services to anyone interested in making a positive online reputation."
Jun 11, 2015
"David and his staff are fantastic. I highly recommend them!"
Jun 08, 2015
"We've worked with E-Rhab for years now regarding our website & email blasts, which has been great! The timely responses from the whole team makes everything a lot easier on our end. Recently we decided to use their reputation marketing approach. After the training with David, it seems like a no-brainer that everyone isn't doing it!! Looking forward to all that the E-Rehab team has to offer with this new journey!"
May 27, 2015
"My experience was Awesome!"
May 22, 2015
"David has helped me with SEO, website content and FB ad info. Great customer service!"
May 07, 2015
"It was great talking with David he has been really helpful. I'm looking forward to working with David and his team to continue the great job of marketing they've done for CAM Physical Therapy.."
Apr 21, 2015
"David and his colleagues at E-Rehab have always been responsive and helpful and offer quality services that are necessary for any business, and make it affordable. I have and will continue to refer other business owners to E-Rehab for their website and internet marketing needs."
Apr 16, 2015
"It has been a pleasure working with E-Rehab. They are very informative and quick to help with anything you may need. All around professional, convenient, and affordable."
Apr 02, 2015
"Results are the answer, and when asked to take on a project they provided great results. The information shared was very beneficial."
Mar 19, 2015
"I have had the pleasure of working with E-Rehab for approximately five years now. During this period they have been able to provide us with a service that meets our needs. They have proven to be a reliable company that was able to design a website that is both functional and attractive with key elements to help our business grow."
Mar 18, 2015
"We needed help expanding our new business through our website. The E-Rehab team is amazing! They made time for me to discuss how my website is rating, what is working and what we could improve. They put me in contact with their specialists and all were very knowledgeable and instrumental in guiding us. What a terrific company to have on our side!"
Mar 04, 2015
"Very impressed. Very detailed, as you would want someone working with your business reputation to be."
Mar 04, 2015
"I am delighted and impressed with the level of industry-specific knowledge and keen marketing insights David provided. He really heard my concerns and tailored a program that incorporates all our strategies while saving us money by steering us away from more expensive options that don't make sense for our business. He took the time to explain the rationale and research underpinning his suggestions, ensuring that our marketing time and dollars benefit both our clients and our bottom line. Highly recommend!"
Feb 20, 2015
"Great experience David was very helpful!"
Feb 12, 2015
"Great presentation. Thanks!!!"
Feb 12, 2015
"David gave our staff a great presentation on a Reputation Marketing. I would recommend ERehab to my non competitors"
Feb 12, 2015
"David gave us several strategies in the area of reputation marketing. I am excitited to get started implementing the plan."
Feb 12, 2015
"Dave was super helpful in determining the best way to market to our patients. I learned a lot from his presentation."
Feb 12, 2015
"Dave was friendly and very informative while providing valuable advice for business marketing and social media to help our Physical Therapy clinic."
Feb 12, 2015
"Great job!"
Feb 12, 2015
"The staff are always very friendly and reactive when I need to add or remove content from my web page. Also David has been very accessible and has helped when I needed content added in a pinch!"
Feb 07, 2015
"I have had excellent experiences with ERehab. Any updates or questions that I have are answered in the same day, even with the 3 hour time difference."
Feb 03, 2015
"I have had an excellent experience working with Maria updating our website. I was also able to have a lengthy conversation with David, the president of e-rehab to help us optimize our website marketing. I appreciate all of your help and will continue to improve our marketing position with the help of this company! Thank you! Carol"
Jan 27, 2015
"Great service and timely support. Thank you."
Jan 12, 2015
"E-rehab has very good customer service and I always get compliments on my website. David knows what the private practitioner needs to best represent their practice to the world!"
Jan 08, 2015
"I am appreciative of the responsiveness and professionalism of E-Rehab staff. Wish I would have engaged these services sooner and am happy to have E-Rehab as an extension of our staff."
Jan 06, 2015
"E-Rehab has been very helpful in all of our needs. They always take great care in our company"
Jan 05, 2015
"Overall very satisfied. Have seen my internet presence and new clients via the internet improve. Perhaps for us non tech types having a podcast to help us understand our clicky stats better and how to improve them would be beneficial. Also consider a monthly reminder email that links us to our clicky stats so it's easier for us to get more involved and stay on top of our online presence Thanks for a job well done"
Jan 05, 2015
"I have been very pleased with the service at this point, the extent of content on the page as well as the quick response(s) from Christina."
Jan 04, 2015
"I just started with e rehab service/program so the start up at our end is bumpy at times....yet the e -rehab TEAM is great and available to me....always open minded to my needs/request...I am looking forward to having e rehab services offering me the support i need for a successful 2015"
Jan 04, 2015
"E-Rehab has been a very helpful and effective partner."
Jan 03, 2015
"The service has been great and we get lots of complements on the video newsletters."
Jan 02, 2015
"I no longer have to worry about our website. Very happy with services provided by E-Rehab."
Jan 02, 2015
"Responsive to questions. Update requests are handled quickly."
Jan 02, 2015
"Always very responsive and in an area that i am not the most versed it is great to have a resource like E-Rehab."
Jan 02, 2015
"E-rehab has always been extremely responsive to our needs and makes us feel that they truly care about our business."
Jan 01, 2015
"your team approach to handling support is working well. even though we are on EST and you are on PCT you have handled that time gap well and we appreciate it."
Dec 31, 2014
"One of the best business decisions we made in 2014 was to have E-Rehab build our new website. Thanks to their expertise and great customer service the transition was amazingly easy! We now take pride in sending customers to our new "informative" website and every day we are able to see how traffic continues to build."
Dec 31, 2014
"E-rehab has always been very prompt with any changes or modifications I need with my website. All of our patients love their video newsletters and always look forward to receiving them. Thanks E-Rehab!"
Dec 31, 2014
"E-rehab has been great to work with! When we need updates to our website, they are right on top of it! The newsletters are awesome! We know our patients read them because they will come in & ask questions about what they saw on the video newsletter. Thanks!"
Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014
"Your staff have been wonderful. There patience with me during this process has been phenomenal."
Dec 31, 2014
"So far so good, Just getting started with the program"
Dec 30, 2014
"the web site is up and running and looks very good. your service was good. looking forward to trying to use the site to post information, build communication with referral sources, and patients."
Dec 30, 2014
"I'm mostly very satisfied with the service and support. I do think that edits to the website to accommodate mobile devices should not be an extra. This type of evolution is the same as moving from yellow pages to electronic media and e-rehab should just absorb it to retain customers."
Dec 30, 2014
"E-rehab's product is very customized to my clinic and services. Customer service is unparalleled. Quick to respond and thorough in their efforts to help me with my needs."
Dec 30, 2014
Dec 30, 2014
"E-Rehab has been great to deal with. They have answers to most of my questions before I even realize what I'm looking for. Their experience with physical therapists is evident, and with the extra experience they have, there is less trial and error that goes on. They have allowed a small practice to look like a bigger one in cyberspace, without a huge price tag."
Dec 30, 2014
"Very pleased with the service, very prompt with all changes. Love the video and print version of the newsletter. Great value!"
Dec 30, 2014
"Your team is very quick to respond!"
Dec 30, 2014
"Everyone we worked with was very helpful and professional. Completed all work in a timely manner. Very satisfied."
Dec 30, 2014
"E-rehab is always quick to answer my questions and/or make changes to our website. I chose E-Rehab because they specifically design the website for physical therapy making it both informative and educational. Our patients love the medical library and the newsletters."
Dec 30, 2014
"Overall has been a good experience"
Dec 30, 2014
"Everything has been great. Service is excellent."
Dec 30, 2014
"Everything with E-Rehab runs so smoothly. Customer service responses are always prompt and thorough."
Dec 30, 2014
"I have an outpatient physical therapy clinic and I have looked at many different ways to market my clinic. Until signing up with e-rehab I had wasted a lot of money and time trying different things that did no work. E-rehabs customer review marketing system has made the difference. It's quick and easy. The also do a great job hosting my website."
Dec 30, 2014
"Nice job."
Dec 30, 2014
"The customer service is always quick and efficient."
Dec 30, 2014
"David and E-Rehab are great! Extremely responsive to our needs and always willing to over great advice."
Dec 30, 2014
"I have experienced good service with E-Rehab thus far in my 2 years with them and many patients have found us via our website."
Dec 30, 2014
"Good customer service and always willing to help."
Dec 29, 2014
"E-rehab has been good to work with. Quick at completing my requests for updates to our website."
Dec 29, 2014
"We love our website and the staff is so easy to work with. They have helped us make many changes and all have been wonderful."
Dec 29, 2014
"The customer service is excellent. When I have submitted changes they are promptly handled. Truly appreciate all the assistance and professionalism."
Dec 29, 2014
"Great customer service. Attentive to details. Would highly recommend to any PT Practice"
Dec 29, 2014
"Since I started with your company I have received excellent assistance in setting up my website and have had many compliments about the site. Throughout, anytime I had questions or needed assistance, the service has been very good."
Dec 29, 2014
"E-Rehab provides excellent customer service! They are always quick to respond, and go above and beyond in walking me through various operations....even if they have to do it 100 times! Professional, responsive, and courteous. Thank you for all that you do for us!"
Dec 29, 2014
"Overall the experience has been good."
Dec 29, 2014
"Dave and his team know their business like I KNOW mine!! You'd be a fool not to use their services !! Social media, reputation marketing, email service, website building .... You name it Dave does it!! And AmaZing customer services to boot!"
Dec 29, 2014
"Have appreciated the response time to website modifications, staff knowledgeable and prompt to return E-mails, able to reach staff on phone if needed, Enjoyed the Thursday think tank presentations, would and have recommended E-rehab to colleagues"
Dec 29, 2014
"I have been very happy with the services provided by E Rehab. Our web site looks fantastic and we have received compliments from people who have visited it. All customer service and work done by E Rehab has been done in a professional and timely manner. I have and will continue to recommend the services of E Rehab."
Dec 29, 2014
"Everyone has been awesome! They know our business and how to help us. Our business has grown almost 800% since starting with them. We were a relative start up when we started working with them but our serves have remained consistent and customers find us everyday on Google. Thanks Dave, John and Team E-Rehab!"
Dec 29, 2014
"Thank you."
Dec 24, 2014
"your whole support team has been very easy to get along. Christina always makes you fell welcome and she always facilitates all the problems."
Dec 23, 2014
"E-rehab has always been prompt at returning calls and helping us add information to our web site."
Dec 23, 2014
"Everyone I worked with was professional and extremely helpful in helping me make the right decisions tin getting our new site looking awesome! Thank you SO much!"
Dec 23, 2014
"Staff is always responsive and helpful to my requests for changes. Changes are always completed in a timely manner!"
Dec 22, 2014
"Always great customer service when we need changes/updates to our webpage. Webpage/mobile site looks great and easy to interact with compared to our old website."
Dec 22, 2014
"erehab has been a great addition to our team. They have especially helped with our search engine exposure."
Dec 22, 2014
"Responses to our needs are addressed in a timely manner. Call backs are with a short turn around time. Advice is always very helpful"
Dec 22, 2014
"No complaints and I get complements from time to time on the website. Updating was done not too long ago and was pretty seamless."
Dec 21, 2014
"E-Rehab has been managing our website and internet marketing efforts for several years. They have always provided us with great design, sound advice and prompt customer service throughout our time with them."
Dec 21, 2014
"Efficient, courteous, detail oriented and always there to help instantly."
Dec 21, 2014
"E Rehab helped to design our website which has rec'd many praises through the time we went live. We could not be happier with your services, expert advice and suggestions! I would confidently recommend E-Rehab. The whole is is excellent and dedicated to making websites anyone would be proud of. Jesse and Jeannette Thurlow"
Dec 21, 2014
"Excellent customer service and response time. You are always there to help and willing to listen. This is one part of my business that I do not worry about."
Dec 20, 2014
"E-rehab has been easy to work with during our company's transition and redesigning and revamping of our online presence. Customer service is generally prompt to respond to requess."
Dec 20, 2014
"We have had patients come to us over other clinics, solely because of the website. I think this comes from the fact that the founder of E-Rehab is a physical therapist himself and prior private practice owner. E-Rehab "gets it." In an era of hospital buy-outs and ACO's, explaining why we are different, directly to the consumer, is important, especially now that all 50 states have some form of direct access. Thanks for your help E-Rehab!"
Dec 20, 2014
"Been a good experience so far."
Dec 20, 2014
"Very happy with services provided by e-rehab and have recommended to others. Service is courteous, professional and turn around time on requests is very good."
Dec 19, 2014
"We have enjoyed the video newsletter content and have had many patient comments. Continue to be happy."
Dec 19, 2014
"Still a work in progress with our website, but not the fault of yours. I just need to get the rest of my info to you to upload!! Very helpful."
Dec 18, 2014
"I have always had prompt thorough service with customer service."
Dec 18, 2014
"I've been very please with your responsive service. Thank you!"
Dec 18, 2014
"Excellent customer service and training for all aspects of marketing, SEO, and reputation building for your clinic"
Dec 18, 2014
"I have used E- Rehab for several years and have been very satisfied with the support team - quick responses and very helpful and professional."
Dec 17, 2014
"E-rehab has been a wonderful company to work with. They helped us convert our old site into something MUCH more modern and professional. They are quick to respond when we have questions, and they are always there to help. Great team!"
Dec 17, 2014
"Our office is in Daytona Beach. Recently, I had reason to be in San Diego and I made a lunch date with Maria Ny, who takes care of posting our workshops on our website. It was my pleasure meeting her. She is a "fountain of knowledge." Robbie"
Dec 17, 2014
"E-Rehab has been there for me since our 1st website over-hall. Service has been prompt, reliable and effective! The team at E-Rehab continue to innovate and find more ways to be of value to the outpatient PT owners. I regularly receive compliments, and new patients regarding our webpage. I fully recommend E-Rehab for your marketing needs, unless you one of my many competitors, in which case I recommend you do nothing different ;)"
Dec 17, 2014
"Always responsive. Easy to use. Simple and affordable."
Dec 17, 2014
"nothing to say"
Dec 17, 2014
"Your expertise have facilitated the process of a useful and professional website."
Dec 17, 2014
"I have always been pleased with the patience the staff has had with our office, the expertise and the value of the website. Our clients will often tell me they are impressed. This is not my area of expertise, nor do I have the time to oversee it, so knowing that it can be taken care of with a minimum of my time is wonderful. Most of our patients like the newsletters and info they receive. Our website has definitely proved to be a source of patient referral."
Dec 16, 2014
"i don't like to write reviews.Please do not post"
Dec 16, 2014
"E-Rehab has been great, taking care of the website and mobile version for the website. The team is quick to respond and always willing to take time to answer questions. It is great to have a company specific to physical therapist run by those who understand our daily challenges as clinic owners."
Dec 16, 2014
"we have always appreciated the timely corrections made with our website. They are on top of all the new things online"
Dec 16, 2014
"My experience with e-rehab has always been characterized by competent professionalism and a high quality product."
Dec 16, 2014
"We have been using E-Rehab for many years now. I like that they newsletters are now videos. My patients look forward to them every month."
Dec 16, 2014
"We have been with E-Rehab for several years and are pleased with the services. The excellent customer service is hard to find these days and these guys are fantastic. We however, are way down the list on Google searches, so need help optimizing our web exposure."
Dec 16, 2014
"I've had no problems with E-Rehab so that is something I'm happy about. They are quick to respond to us when we have a question or make a change."
Dec 15, 2014
"E-rehab has been quick to make the changes we request for our website. The e-newsletters are helpful. Web tracking has improved business recently."
Dec 15, 2014
"Responsive and professional We are satisfied clients"
Dec 12, 2014
"I've used E-rehab for several years and have always received quick, courteous, and professional service. David and the staff are keeping me up to date on the web how it correlates to my referrals. Thanks Guys."
Dec 11, 2014
"Thanks for the quick action. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have someone who knows what they're doing take charge of this for me. Thanks and have a wonderful week. Pam PS: today is my birthday and E-rehab is a great gift to me! Yay!"
Dec 11, 2014
"Any time I have a question, the service from E-rehab has been excellent. I am happy with the product and patients seem to utilize the web site."
Dec 11, 2014
"I have been very happy with my E-Rehab experience. Dave and the crew have always been responsive to my needs and continue to keep me informed of changes and suggestions for improvement."
Dec 11, 2014
"I am very pleased and grateful for David and staff, they totally got us back on track after another company totally messed us up. They are the BEST!!! Linda H. PT Business Manager"
Dec 11, 2014
"David and the whole E-Rehab team have "taken the worry out" of my online marketing needs. My clinic is found throughout the internet and is ranked in high placement. The E-Rehab customer service is thorough, timely, and effective."
Dec 10, 2014
"Dave and John know PT. Whatever Dave says is gold! Whatever he says I do and it works! Don't trust anyone else out there besides e-rehab!"
Dec 10, 2014
"I always get quick responses via email and phone. Their level of communication is excellent! All my questions are answered when I need help and support. Thank you for helping our business flourish!"
Dec 10, 2014
"I have been using e-rehab for several months and have seen my on-line presence grow to where I am consistently ranked high in my categories. Dave is always thorough in his explanations and guidance. I highly recommend if you want to grow your business."
Dec 02, 2014
"Everything I need to grow my PT / Fitness business can be done in one place, and with very little time and effort. John and Dave always exceed my expectations. There is so much value in all of their services, from Website Design to Local Internet Marketing. Whether you're a novice or experienced business owner, you will be impressed!"
Oct 31, 2014
"David really helps us so much. He helps us understand what we should and shouldn't be doing and then takes over for social media, works on our reputation, ranks us on Google, helps us understand mobile marketing etc. Go with E-rehab - they rock!"
Oct 27, 2014
"David demonstrated the need for reputation marketing as a proactive solution to current marketing challenges. E-Rehab's customer service is consistently prompt and follows through. E-Rehab continues to build upon solid service offerings and allows a busy PT provider and administrator like me one-stop marketing shopping!"
Sep 22, 2014
"Dave and his entire staff work hard to make our clinic noticed on all search engines, social media, etc. The reputation marketing strategies they have are easy to learn and there training is one on one and very simple to pick up and teach the entire staff. I highly recommend E-rehab for all your website and marketing needs"
Sep 17, 2014
"Dave and John are great to work with. They know what they are doing and have so much experience in this space. I have also worked with Dave on other projects and he never ceases to amaze me on his knowledge. I have had the honor of working with multiple developers over time and their process is one of the most efficient ever. "
Aug 29, 2014
"Thanks Sue! Everyone at e-rehab has been outstanding! "
Jul 07, 2014
"I'm Jon Mullis from Boston and I had a great experience with David and E-rehab. I would highly recommend Dave and his team for physical therapy websites and online marketing strategies and services. "
Jun 17, 2014
"I highly recommend David at E-rehab for his unparalleled professionalism. David and his team have assisted me in creating a website for my company that gives me the best exposure in my area over the internet and helps drive patients to us as their provider of choice. My website has allowed me to provide more efficient care for my patients by providing them with online paperwork. They spend more time receiving treatment than filling out paperwork. David Straight, PT is the "GO TO" man for the most technological advancements such as mobile websites. He provides state of the art AmaZing customer service. One would be remiss if they didn't use E-rehab for building and maintaining their website, mobile services, and reputation marketing."
Jun 17, 2014
"This company combines in-depth knowledge of the industry with the cutting-edge developments in technology. This holistic approach to our online presence has enabled our clinic to flourish. Their support is fast and efficient, their staff cheerful and helpful and they stand ready to provide marketing solutions for the many challenges facing clinics today."
Apr 15, 2014
"David & John provide outstanding service to their clients and the PT community. An excellent choice for your web & marketing needs."
Apr 02, 2014
"David and John do an outstanding job for us providing us with a great looking physical therapy website, newsletters that our patients love, social media, and search marketing. Most important, David is always looking out for us to make sure that we are spending our marketing dollars wisely. I am sure there is something that E-rehab can help most physical therapy practices with."
Mar 02, 2014
"I just wanted to say thank you to E-rehab. I've worked with Dave for almost 10 years now and he's very dedicated to PTs and private practice. We use their service, love them and they've definitely help us attract more patients. Thanks, KV"
Mar 02, 2014


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