Physical Therapy Marketing in 2021 – Does Your Community Know About You?

Physical Therapy Marketing - Does Your Community Know About You

In this post I want to share five brief interviews I did with members of my local North San Diego community.  The answers were a bit surprising. Here’s the recording: David Straight · Interview With Community Members About PT Here’s the transcript of the interviews: Interviewer: “Thank you for participating. The first question I have […]

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Your About Us Page Could Be Suffering From These 6 Mistakes

Your About Us page probably has more website viewers land on it than you think. Too many companies treat this valuable real estate like an afterthought. They knock off a paragraph about why they started their practice or add in their mission and that’s about it. Take advantage of this missed opportunity! With so many […]

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Optimize Your Outdated Content for Higher Search Rankings

refreshing your physical therapy content

Being a content creator can feel like the Indy 500. The gas pedal is on the floor, but it’s just left turn after left turn. And every time you lift your head and look around, you’re on the same oval track, unable to punch through the pack of cars keeping pace around you. In the […]

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Use Storytelling for a Better Physical Therapy Blog

physical therapy blogging and stories

In ancient times, a powerful king oppressed his people. The citizens of the land feared the king and begged the gods for help. So the gods created a wild man that could equal the king and stop his misdeeds. The wild man and the king fought a great battle, but the king showed superior strength. […]

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10  Ways Online Marketers Make Their Products More Attractive*

physical therapy marketing be careful

I get more calls, now more than ever, from physical therapy clients trying to figure out how to build their practice back up to where they were pre-COVID. This article is about some of the predatory marketing practices that I’ve seen in a number of online advertisements, as well as complaints I’ve heard from a […]

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6 Reasons To Include Physical Therapy Content Marketing In Your Strategy

physical therapy content marketing

You’ve heard it before: “Content is king.” And while other new marketing techniques may have your attention, content marketing is still a big player when it comes to bringing in patients and establishing credibility in your industry. Below, we’re going to talk about 6 reasons to include content marketing in your strategy. Let’s get straight […]

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Some of the Physical Therapy Web Design Details Described in an Infographic

physical therapy websites and marketing

Nothing like an occasional visual graphic to help describe many of the things we consider when creating a physical therapy website design and what is included with physical therapy website development. We like to describe what we do as a bicycle wheel. After you build the hub (i.e. a custom, responsive physical therapy website), practices […]

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10 Tips For Writing a Powerful Social Media Ad

physical therapy social media advertising

Over the past decade, social media has become quite the marketing force, with businesses of all shapes and sizes expanding their ad game on multiple social platforms. But are all ads created equal? The answer is unequivocally “no.” Physical therapy ads are targeting a unique audience – those in pain usually with movement disorders. The […]

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8 Free Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies That You May Have Overlooked

free physical therapy marketing strategies

Trying to put together a solid marketing strategy with a low budget? Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it’s possible with some consistency and creativity. Below, I’ll go over 8 free marketing strategies that you may have overlooked, but that — when implemented correctly — can help you expand your reach. #1 […]

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10 Steps to Market Your Physical Therapy Practice on Instagram

Are you trying to step up your social media game? If so, be sure to add Instagram marketing to your social media strategy. It seems that virtually everyone has an Instagram account these days, and users are engaging more and more with targeted ads. If you’re interested in jumping into the Instagram marketing game, read […]

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