Physician Sales & Marketing Training

More MD Referrals

More MD Referrals is a complete physical therapy sales and marketing training program to help you generate more referrals from physicians.

Imagine if you could get your top five or ten referral sources to send you 1-2 more referrals each month. What would an additional $10,000 – $20,000 per month do for you and your practice?

Physical Therapy Referrals from Physicians Still Matter…A Lot!

As our profession has gained knowledge, training, and credibility, consumers now can and should access physical therapy directly…but they don’t.

Ask yourself this question. “If someone in your community has lower back pain, who do you think they will think of or contact first?” In most cases, it’s their MD or a chiropractor. It takes a lot of work to be known as the direct access provider of physical therapy in your community…and you should work on it.

Problem is, it takes a lot of time and money to build a reputation as the go-to provider for muscle and joint problems.

What Should You Do Now If You Need New Patients Right Away!

Physical Therapy Professional Relationship

A comprehensive marketing plan involves targeting your community, past patients, and of course, physicians. This is training helps you maximize your new business from physicians.

To successfully generate new patients from physicians, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure you are in the right market.
  • Physicians must be able to refer to you.
  • You have to understand the needs of physicians better than they do.
  • You have to sell to the right doctors.
  • Provide them with the right message that makes them want to refer to you.
  • You have to do it on a consistent basis.
  • You need the right strategy and tactics.
  • You need to find a way to measure your success.

Learn the Exact Strategies that Others Have Implemented and Obtained Great Success

More MD Referrals Training

With our physician sales and marketing training you get:

  1. Mindset training
  2. Value Positioning Training
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Tactical Sales Training
  5. Marketing Materials
  6. Reporting Templates
  7. How-To Training for Hiring

Here’s what others have said about our training:

  • “My liaison is having conversations with doctors that never knew we could help their patients or what we did.”

    – Peter Y.

  • “I went to a doctor in my building that hasn’t referred to me in 2 years. I had a conversation with him and got two new patients the next day.”

    – Kevin P.

  • “I did one presentation to a family practice group and they filled up my practice with new patients.”

    – Bob E.

  • “We generated 113 new patients/month after we implemented this sales system.”

    – Robert S.

Do You Want Doctors to Know You as the Authority & Expert About Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation?

With our system, you will be having conversations with receptionists, office managers, nurses, and doctors about how you can give referring physicians and their patients exactly what they want. The result: your increase your referrals and have the opportunity to help more patients with your conservative, natural physical therapy treatment.

Bonus Training: Interviews with a doctor and staff that have successfully marketed to doctors

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