How much does a website cost?
What Internet marketing tools does a PT private practice owner need?
A physical therapy practice owner can understandably be overwhelmed by the vast number of online marketing choices. However, because of the nature of the physical therapy market, there isn’t a need to dedicate a massive budget to online marketing. In fact, if you are paying more than $160/month, the chances are you aren’t getting good value. Your online marketing mix should consist of the following:
  • A unique, extremely attractive and interactive website.
  • An attractive mobile version of your website.
  • An automated email newsletter system for your present and past patients.
  • Search engine optimization – both natural and local (PPC ads are an option).
  • A system to collect ratings and reviews.
  • A company Facebook page that is linked to Twitter.
  • A YouTube channel to highlight your practice, specialties, and success stories.
How long does it take to develop my website?
It takes about 60-90 days for the following reasons:
  1. We custom design each site (no templates).
  2. We help you write the content if necessary.
  3. We integrate your photos or stock photos (it’s not do-it-yourself).
Are there any contracts?
No. Our services are month-to-month. If the E-rehab services don’t work for you (which is very rare), then you can discontinue our services at any time.
Are there any hidden or additional fees?
No, not really. The only additional fee would be for hiring outside talent for a website video spokesperson. Here are a couple of our client sites with a video spokesperson.
How do I get started with the E-rehab services?
Simply call us at 800-468-5161 x 1101 and our team will guide you step-by-step through the process.
Will I lose my domain name or email address if I switch to E-rehab?
In almost all cases, you will keep the same domain name and email address. We have successfully migrated hundreds of client domains over to our systems and you remain the owner of your domain name.
Does E-rehab provide me with email addresses?
Yes, as part of all levels of service, we provide you with email accounts. Please contact us for options.
Do you have a referral plan?
Yes, we have a referral plan. Please contact us for details.
Do you provide fresh monthly content for my website?
Yes, we provide fresh content for not only your website but your Facebook page as well. Leave the writing to us while you treat patients.
Do you provide any type of web statistics?
Yes, we provide an advanced website analytics program with all kinds of details like how many website visitors you have, the search engines they use, number of pages visited, and much more.
What is the online store option?
Yes, we have an online storefront that you can link to from an E-rehab website and it is amazingly affordable.
Are there any fees for the online store?
There is a minimal $10/month fee for an online store. Compare this to others that charge 5-10x more.
Do I have to stock products?
No, you don’t stock any products. Products are drop shipped right to your patients.
Are there any discounts or commissions from store sales?
Yes, there are both sales commissions and discounts on the published price. Ideally, you could pay for the E-rehab services simply by shopping for products you consume every month at your practice and using the commissions to pay for the E-rehab services.
Who writes my email newsletters?
The E-rehab team of professionals writes the newsletters. They are not just text though, your message is delivered as a video message with interactive resources as well.
What is a video newsletter?
A video newsletter is a short email with a link that directs readers to your website where they can experience the rich media video, take interactive quizzes, and download valuable resources to help improve their health and wellbeing.
Are there additional fees for changes to my website?
Our service fees include unlimited support and website changes.
Can patients schedule office visits on my E-rehab website?
Yes, they can, but unlike most other appointment systems, our patient appointment request is secure. You are notified of the appointment and even have a tickler system that shows you which appointments have been verified.
Can I make changes to the website myself?
Absolutely! The latest generation of E-rehab websites are built on the WordPress platform, so it is very easy for you to edit any of the pages.
Can I host my own website?
No. We have to host your website so that you can realize all of the benefits of working on our integrated marketing platform.
Do you provide video services?
We have produced a number of practice videos for YouTube channels and client websites as well. We can also use your video if you already have one and stream it using the latest video delivery systems.
Are the physician newsletters effective?
We have had a number of clients tell us that using the physician newsletters either as topic of discussion with referring physicians or as a direct mail piece has resulted in increased business.
Do you provide print and email newsletters?
Yes, we provide both email newsletters and PDF print newsletters for patients and physicians.
What is SEO?
SEO or “search engine optimization” is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via “natural” or “organic” search results (see above for the natural listings). SEO is a global competition. You are competing against every other website in cyberspace. For this reason, it can be very challenging to get your website to rank at or near the top of the page for certain search terms.
What are paid ads?
Paid ads, aka PPC ads, or Google AdWords (when advertising on Google) are short advertisements that usually appears at the top or in the right column of a search result page. Each time your ad appear and someone clicks on it, you pay a fee to that search engine. There are dozens of search engines that offer this service. In our experience, Google is the only search engine where paid ads may be worthwhile. Please call for more information.
What is SEO local or local optimization?
Local optimization is the process of getting your physical therapy website listed on page one in geographic directories. The best example is Google Places but there are hundreds of other similar local mapping directories Yahoo! Local is another good example.
Why should I choose E-rehab for my search marketing?
Quite frankly we are better and cheaper. Most SEO companies don’t understand physical therapy private practice and your market. E-rehab regularly saves practices hundreds of dollars per month in wasted search marketing fees.
Does E-rehab create Facebook pages?
Yes. E-rehab can put together or take over the administration of your Facebook page for you.
Does E-rehab post to our Facebook page?
Yes. E-rehab will regularly post to your Facebook page which takes some of the burden of writing and posting, off of your shoulders.
Does E-rehab do any YouTube videos for our practice?
Yes. Part of our social media marketing package includes the development of 4 practice videos and the creation of your own YouTube channel.
Can you set up a Twitter account for us?
Yes. E-rehab can set up your Twitter account and also “push” your feeds from your Facebook page to your Twitter account.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my service level?
Yes. You can add additional services to your E-rehab account. You can also downgrade if you choose but we don’t recommend it because we provide such great value.
Is there any discount for paying the fees once annually?
Yes. Please call us for details.
How do I know which services are right for me?
That’s were E-rehab is head and shoulders above the rest. We design an online marketing package that specifically fits your needs and your budget. Call us for details – 800-468-5161 x 1101.