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Because one half of all searches for local businesses are done on mobile devices, local search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand with mobile marketing. Local search engine optimization is the process of getting your website ranked on page one of local business results such as Google Places/Google Maps and Yahoo! Local.

The second most common local search is a geographic search for physical therapy practices (e.g. "physical therapy Beverly Hills"). It's important to have an AFFORDABLE link to your practice on the search engines when patients are looking for you.

Local Search on Google

Local Search on Google
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  • 74% of Americans have replaced phone books (Yellow Pages & Business Directory) with Internet and local search.
  • Most PT practices will recuperate their local optimization investment with just a few loyal patients.
  • Between Google, Yahoo, and Bing, these three search engines control more than 93% of the search market. Google should be your number one priority for local listings.