Physical Therapy Website Design for 2022

PT web design process

Here are five features that your physical therapy website developer must include in 2022.

1. Define your offer above the fold.

This means that you should state clearly what you are going to provide a viewer of your website (i.e. prospective patients).  What kind of offer to we recommend?  It depends on the type of patients you serve. For the orthopedic practice, we suggest you include something about pain relief.  90%+ of the patients that come into your practice have pain, so you want to let them know you can relieve it.

2. Repeat Your Calls to Action.

Why is it that department stores have cash registers throughout their location? They want to make it fast and easy for your to check out.  On your PT website you don’t know when someone has read enough to take the next step.  Make sure you include your calls to action frequently as the reader progresses down your homepage.

3. Add an Outcomes-Oriented Image.

Patients are more likely to work with you if they can see themselves as a successful patient in your clinic.  Include pictures of happy, smiling patients on your website so patients can see themselves in the story that you are telling.

4. Stack Your Value.

There are a number of factors that can persuade a patient to choose your practice. Make sure that you list your value propositions clearly on your website.  Make them short and easy to read as well for mobile viewers.

5. Make Sure You Have a Click-to-Call Button

physical therapy mobile website design

Take a look at your website analytics and in particular, the number of visitors to your website that are using smartphones.  You’re likely to see that half of your traffic or more are seeing your website on their smartphones.

If that is the case, then you need to make it easy for them to call you right from your website. While most phone browsers will recognize your phone number and enable this. you can use the <tel> tag to make sure this is happening.  Then make sure you test this.

Add in These Features to Better Convert Website Viewers to Patients

Too often PT practice owners are more concerned with how their website looks rather than how they communicating with potential patients.  If you include the following features in your PT website design, you’ll increase your conversion rate without spending any additional money on marketing.

Need help with Your Physiotherapy Website Design in 2022?

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