• Websites

    Beautiful, Custom-designed Websites

    • Patients judge what they can't see based on what they can see.
    • Make a great first impression and accurately represent the quality of your physical therapy practice online.
    • Custom designed - perfectly match your brochures and other marketing material for brand consistency.
    • We can help with writing the content - no need to be copywriter.
    • Packed with information - 120 page medical library, first visit video, direct access videos, FAQ, and more.
    • Secure appointment request and management system so patients can easily connect with you through your website.
    • One in five patients is looking for you on their mobile device.
    • Our mobile optimized websites make it easier for patients to connect with you, review your business, and Like you on Facebook.
    • Tap to call, full integration with the smart phone mapping systems, request an appointment right from your mobile site, and much more.
  • Search Marketing

    Improve Your Rank on Google,, Yahoo!

    • Patients are looking for you on Google and the other search engines.
    • There are multiple opportunities to be listed, and our expertise can help with all of them.
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting your website listed for keywords that patients and doctors are using to find you.
    • We provide all the necessary components of quality physical therapy SEO - keyword research, analytics, on-page optimization, link building, schema markup, and more.
    • Google Maps, or the 3-stack/3-pack, is a desirable location on page one of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to obtain a listing for your physical therapy practice. We help practices not only get listed but stand out in Google Maps listings.
    • Google Maps listings are ideal for patients that are using their smartphone to search for you. We provide you with an optimized Google My Business listing to help you rank in the local business listings.
    • Considering PPC (Pay-Per-Click Ads). We’ve been managing PPC campaigns on Google since 2005. There’s a time to use them and a time not to advertise on Google. We can help.
    • Local business listings, natural listings, and paid ads - we can help you decide which are best for you.
  • Social Media

    Social Media Marketing

    • Billions of people are using Facebook and Twitter.
    • 84% of adults with an Internet connection have a Facebook page.
    • Consumers spend 30+ minutes per day on Facebook.
    • There are hundreds to thousands of Facebook users in your community that are looking for pain relief.
    • Connect with your patients on "their turf" the way they communicate online. Share valuable information about your practice, increase your credibility, and put your name in front of their friends.
    • Facebook provides your practice with credibility, authority, and is an excellent tool to show potential employees what your culture is like and why they should come to work for you.
    • Twitter is a great way to demonstrate exceptional social signals for your practice and Google.
    • Pinterest is a photo sharing social media site that you want to leverage to share your expertise, photos, videos, and graphics that help consumers choose your practice.
    • More time is spent watching video online than any other activity. Build trust and show consumers exactly what you want them to know about your practice with video.
    • We offer a variety of affordable, high-quality video services.
  • Email Marketing

    Automated Email "Video" Newsletters

    • Keep your business name in front of your patients.
    • Generate repeat and word-of-mouth business with our highly quality video newsletters that get opened month after month.
    • Provide valuable, timely, fun, and tastefully entertaining interactive video along with a gentle reminder that physical therapy should be the first choice for most movement disorders.
  • Reputation Marketing
    • Positive ratings and reviews drive more business into your practice.
    • Consumers trust ratings and reviews as much as a referral.
    • Most marketing focuses on advertising and lead generation; marketers and practice owners often forget about lead conversion.
    • Ratings and reviews are a lead conversion tactic.
    • Brand yourself as the best in the community with 5-star reviews.
  • Video Marketing
    • One-third of activity online is spent watching video.
    • There are over 100 billion YouTube subscribers.
    • Video helps you communicate who you are, what you do, and connects you with people looking for physical therapy services.
    • We provide 6 different kinds of one else does so much video marketing as such an affordable price.
    • E-rehab provides video not only for your website, but across social platforms, as well.
  • Paid Ads
    • PPC (Pay-Per-Click Ads) are most popular on Google and Facebook.
    • PPC Ads can put you in front of your audience immediately, but if done wrong, can waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.
    • We know physical therapy and we know PPC so you get the best out of your campaign spend.
    • Done for you or DIY options are available.
  • Referral Marketing
    • Top marketers agree, the best and fastest way to grow your practice is by marketing and selling to referring physicians.
    • We provide you with a strategy, a system, the training, and the content for success.
    • David Straight is the marketing director of PT practices and has developed this program in-house.
    • Our detailed referral marketing program has increased new business for some by hundreds-of-thousands of dollars per year.
  • Consulting
    • As a certified marketing expert, we can help you create a plan... a strategy so you aren’t chasing after the next bright and shiny marketing opportunity.
    • We help you define your ideal target audience, define your marketing hourglass, and build a total online presence that supports your strategy.
    • From there we help you navigate the marketing triad of PR, advertising, and referrals.
    • Finally, we work from a calendar and provide analytics to show ROI.
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