Physical Therapy Marketing – 3 Ways to Capture Yelp Reviews

When it comes to physical therapy marketing online, Yelp can help.  Yelp wants patients to review your business but they don’t want you to incentivize your patients to do so.  They want it to happen naturally…organically.   Therefore, Yelp provides verified business owners with 3 ways to get patients to your Yelp business listing.  If you […]

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Yelp Pages Can Help Physical Therapy Websites’ Search Rankings

Yelp - is it worth it?

If you’ve done a geographic search for physical therapy clinics in your area, you’ve probably noticed a link to one or more Yelp listings on the search results page.  If you’ve asked yourself, “How can I get my business listed on Yelp?”, this post should help.  Claiming your listing might get your business listed when […]

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Reputation Management – Protecting Your Physical Therapy Practice

Your clinic’s reputation is its most valuable asset. If it’s tarnished, you could lose patients. This article shows how negative reviews are not always what they seem and what you can do about it. Many Physical Therapists stand or fall on their reputation. A single therapist or practice can spend many years, and much money, […]

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How the Physical Therapist Can Utilize QR Codes

By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of square barcodes like the one pictured here. They will leap out at you from so many places because they are everywhere: Magazines, advertisements, websites, TV, even the back of cereal packets. You might have just noticed them recently, or if you are an avid smartphone user, you may […]

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Physical Therapy Mobile Marketing FAQ

Q. I can see my website on my phone so does that mean that it is already mobile-friendly? A. While most sites will show up on a Smartphone, they aren’t necessarily “mobile-friendly”. Unless your website has been especially designed for mobile devices, your patients are most likely waiting a long time for the site to […]

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12 Web Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy Clinics on a Budget

Most Physical Therapists are on a tight budget, especially when it comes to marketing. Many clinics simply don’t have financial resources to invest in advertising and marketing. The irony is that NOT marketing your clinic will have a detrimental effect on your business. Here are some big marketing ideas for a small marketing budget: Optimize […]

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6 Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas for Your Website

Most practices could do with more patients. That’s where physical therapy marketing comes in and physical therapy websites are an important part of the plan and process. Here are 6 simple tips, that if put in place, could help your clinic’s bottom line. 1. Show Off Your Testimonials When choosing a new practice, reading testimonials […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas for Facebook

Add the Facebook ‘Like’ to Your Website There are lots of physical therapy marketing ideas you can apply to Facebook. An effective way to showcase your Facebook Page and social community is to promote it on your own website. A ‘Like Box’ makes it extremely easy for your visitors to ‘LIKE’ your Practice without ever […]

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Physical Therapy Web Design -Making It Boomer Friendly, Part 2

In part 1 of physical therapy web design for boomers, I shared with you a number of points mainly surrounding the content (grammar, organization of your message, etc.).  This time, I will share with you some thoughts on formatting your physical therapy website.  I went for a bullet list format for this post so you […]

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Making Physical Therapy Websites Boomer Friendly – Part 1

This post offers guidelines that can help you create websites that work well for older adults, the fastest-growing group of Internet users. Besides sending and receiving email, older adults also routinely search for health information.  As the baby boomers age, the number of older adults using the Net will continue to grow. Four Key Points […]

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This Infographic Summarizes Why Physical Therapy Mobile Websites are a Must

    Don’t Miss this Physical Therapy Marketing Opportunity Physical therapy practices are challenged with creating patient loyalty and retention. If your patients don’t keep coming back chances are your practice won’t be successful in the increasingly competitive rehab space. It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to get a former patient to come back to […]

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