Making Physical Therapy Websites Boomer Friendly – Part 1

This post offers guidelines that can help you create websites that work well for older adults, the fastest-growing group of Internet users. Besides sending and receiving email, older adults also routinely search for health information.  As the baby boomers age, the number of older adults using the Net will continue to grow. Four Key Points […]

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This Infographic Summarizes Why Physical Therapy Mobile Websites are a Must

    Don’t Miss this Physical Therapy Marketing Opportunity Physical therapy practices are challenged with creating patient loyalty and retention. If your patients don’t keep coming back chances are your practice won’t be successful in the increasingly competitive rehab space. It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to get a former patient to come back to […]

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Physical Therapy Reputation Management – Yelp Just Made It Much Easier

So this is Yelp: [blockquote align=”left” variation=”orange” cite=”” citeLink=””]”best way to find great local businesses” “People use Yelp to search for everything from the city’s tastiest burger to the most renowned cardiologist. What will you uncover in your neighborhood?” [/blockquote] I have received a number of reports from my clients that Yelp drives some business […]

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Physical Therapy Blogging Basics

physical therapy, blogging, marketing

For some physical therapy practices, a blog might be a good use of time and money. Twice each month I do webinars for clients. This one was so well received, I thought I would share it on our blog. This webinar discusses some of the basics regarding setting up a physical therapy blog on […]

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Knowing How Patients Search for Physical Therapy Websites Could Save You Some Money

How should online promotion be done for physical therapy websites? That’s a question that many practice owners struggle with and as such they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on promoting their business online the wrong way. They are “hyper sold” the idea, by the big box corporate marketing companies, that they should […]

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5 ½ Physical Therapy Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

How many visitors do you have see your website each month…100, 200, 300+? In a service business people judge what they can’t see based on what they can see. Ask yourself this question, “Have you chosen a business because of the look, quality of information, or usability of a website?” If you are like most, […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing – 5 Tips for Facebook

Strategy The most common mistake when posting to Facebook is businesses don’t have a strategy. When developing a physical therapy marketing Facebook strategy first decide why are you posting this? What is it that you want to accomplish from this? Who is your Target Audience? What is the action item for the reader? Posting just […]

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Physical Therapy Blog Ideas

Online blogging has given individuals and businesses alike the opportunity to reach out to others, spread their message, and gain support for their practice and profession. Physical therapy blogs are a great way for physical therapists to explain more about their work, inform the public about health conditions, and connect with potential patients. While blogging […]

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