Effective Physical Therapy Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Some practices might make the mistake of thinking that physical therapy social media marketing is just a case of signing in to Facebook, Tweeting, creating a LinkedIn profile or signing up for Google Plus. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. To get value from social media, you have to share value. That is the key to […]

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5 Ways to Improve Facebook for Physical Therapy Practices

Are you disappointed about the lack of success you’re having with Facebook? Perhaps you only have a few people liking your page or nobody is talking about your practice. If your Facebook activity leaves much to be desired, don’t get disheartened. It takes time to build and grow a loyal following of fans and to […]

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Facebook Secret-Social Media Marketing for Physical Therapy Practices

I created a brief video that I think you will like.  There’s a little-known feature on Facebook business pages that you should use to spread the work about your physical therapy practice.   Click on the image above or this link if need be: Many are trying to figure out how to use social […]

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13 Easy Ways to Improve Physical Therapy Websites and Attract More Visitors

Some of the private practice clients we speak to have spent huge amounts of money on their websites, but are still unhappy with the results. The majority don’t do anything about it, as they think it is going to incur more huge expenses and make the assumption that having a better website actually means having […]

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Get Patients to Read Your Physical Therapy Newsletters

Smart Phones Have Transformed the Way We Communicate If you haven’t already noticed by now, smart phones and tablets are drastically changing the way that we interact with the world. Currently, 9 out of 10 new phones being sold is a smart phone, and if you happen to one of the minority that doesn’t have […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing – Is Yelp Advertising Worth It?

I get calls from my clients almost every week – “These Yelp sales people are hammering me,” is what I heard yesterday.  They share numbers that aren’t likely to be accurate (e.g., number of leads & page views) and try to convince them them they are missing out. I thought I would share my perspective […]

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How to Use Social Media for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Simplicity of Technology Breeds More Competition More and more physical therapy practices these days are joining the online revolution and giving their business an online presence. On the one hand, technology has made it so much easier to accomplish this. Almost anybody with virtually no technical skills can take their business online. However, on the […]

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Physical Therapy Marketing with Instagram

Though the first image that might come to your mind with any mention of Instagram could be the constant flow of filtered personal pictures sent between so many with no real objective in mind.  Physical Therapy Marketing with Instagram can also be a powerful tool if you are trying to reach a younger audience. When […]

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Ideas for Physical Therapy Inbound Marketing

After the trite (but probably necessary) statements on your website, like we are the best, 1 on 1, individualized, hands-on, etc. , what content should you include on your website that will really give you a competitive advantage?  Try this infographic on for size for some ideas about physical therapy inbound marketing.

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