Put the Best PT Marketing Ideas to Work for Your Practice

Is your PT practice struggling to get new clients, losing clients, or just lacking the consistency needed to keep your therapists busy? If this sounds familiar, it might be because you aren’t taking full advantage of all the effective PT marketing strategies that are available to you. To help you make better use of these […]

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How To Begin Your Keyword Research for Physical Therapy SEO

physical therapy SEO

Good Physical Therapy SEO Starts with Some Simple Planning New doctors and physical therapists building their practices websites can greatly improve their reach by targeting physical therapy SEO keywords. But how do you know what words to target? Here are the steps to keyword research you’ll need to implement in order to start your SEO marketing strategy, […]

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Improving Your Physical Therapy Newsletters Open Rate

As a small practice, physical therapy newsletters are a great way to share news, explain your expertise, and provide offers to your patients, but what happens if your analytics are telling you that no one reads them? Here are our top strategies to increase the open rates for your physical therapy newsletters. 1. Personalize, Personalize, […]

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Local Physical Therapy Social Media Marketing 101

You’re already a talented and invested physical therapist. You’ve probably got a steady stream of patients who trust you and are seeing results. What’s next? How can you grow your client base and keep your patients healthy, even after their sessions are wrapped up?  We suggest physical therapy social media marketing. You don’t need to […]

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3 Ideas for Local Physical Therapy Blogging

For any website, a blog plays an important role in developing physical therapy blogging. But sometimes it’s hard to find a fresh topic to write about, especially if you’re writing consistently. Here are three ways to incorporate your keywords in a refreshing way, to help you with your blogging roadblocks. 1. Address local needs. You […]

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How to Choose Physical Therapy Website Developer

There are certain things that everyone is looking for in a physical therapy website developer. Some of these are pretty basic things. You want a functional website that’s going to generate more traffic for your business. You want your website to be a patient education tool. You want your website to help with operational efficiency. […]

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Stop the Lead Generation Madness

Each day I speak with a client or prospect that wants to generate more business from the web.  They are overwhelmed, confused, have been burned and simply don’t know what to do. It’s not surprising when you consider all of the possible forms of advertising communication as diagrammed here in The Conversation Prism:   Your head […]

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Google AdWords – Who Shows Up Where?

Google AdWords for Physical Therapy Private Practices Physical therapy private practice owners are always looking for ways to generate leads.  Google AdWords is certainly one option but it can be expensive. I just finished auditing another client’s AdWords account.  One of the main questions she had was, “How does Google determine who shows up number […]

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Why Video Marketing for Physical Therapists Is A Good Idea

video seo or vseo picture of google search results page with youtube video on it

Video marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools because it is a great way to promote your business. But it’s not just for retail businesses. Video marketing for physical therapists is also an affordable marketing channel to reach your local community.  Consider these stats when it comes to video, consumers, health care information, […]

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Why Seeing the Big Picture of Digital Marketing Is Therapeutic

It’s a little ironic: you’re a physical therapist who improves the health of others, but when tasked with the overwhelming flood of information involved in online marketing, you become stressed, tense, and exhausted. But there’s a quick relief valve to this stress: step back and look at the big picture — at the panorama that […]

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