Physical Therapy Patient Marketing: Setting the Right Mood in Your Online Content

physical therapy patient marketing

Physical therapy patient marketing is a process that probably sounds challenging if you think you can’t set yourself apart from your competitors. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re just blending in with all the other physical therapy clinics in your town or city rather than looking unique enough. Even if you don’t have anything overly innovative to offer compared to your competitors, it doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the crowd.

Your key to success is putting yourself in the shoes of the prospective patient and providing what you’d expect if seeking out physical therapy for the first time. Much of this comes in setting the proper mood rather than attempting to look superior to someone else.

Never underestimate the value of communicating compassion, clinical excellence, and using video as the marketing medium, when promoting your practice on your website, on social media, or other online properties. The reason these qualities are important to share is because first-time clients are nervous and often don’t know what to expect. Ultimately, you can name two places where clients are probably the most uptight: Law firms and medical clinics.

If someone doesn’t know what to expect from you, you can gain trust by showcasing compassion and clinical excellence to you help those prospective patients feel better before they even come in for their initial evaluation.

Sharing the Message of Compassion & Caring

Utilize positive feelings in all of your web content and social media marketing, which includes elements of smiling. Yes, with medical proof of how smiling affects moods, showcasing pictures and happier content makes a big difference in how a new patient perceives you.

You’ve no doubt seen other medical sites post pictures of people smiling as a header on content. It’s worth doing the same thing, if at least keeping your tone positive in the information you present. Avoid talking about procedures or illnesses, because you may want to showcase information about your techniques in a more visual way later.

Part of this positive mood should include humor. This can sometimes be a tricky balancing act, especially in a serious subject like physical therapy. Be sure not to act cavalier in your humor when talking about a serious health problem. Light humor is the best path to take when it’s appropriate.

Some of this lighter humor works well in entertaining infographics where you can rib the process of going to a clinic for the first time as a meta form of calming nerves.

Trust comes from Clinical Excellence

You also want to prove that your clinicians are extremely knowledgeable about what they do they and understand the latest innovations. Providing information that’s valuable and accurate is what many patients want.

The information you provide should always be consistent with the current best health reserach. Let your visitors know you’re providing exclusive care only those in the physical therapy community know about. Be sure to back up the information using links to renowned medical journals so you bring validity and trust.

Keep in mind that when you’re providing medical content, a sure sign of intelligence is making it easy to understand for the masses rather than using confusing medical jargon.

Brand Yourself as the Best with Video

Videos continue to be a powerful influence in marketing campaigns. Whether it’s an emotional testimony about why you started your physical therapy practice, showing procedures being done in real-time, or satisfied patients,  video helps build trust and a better understanding of what physical therapists do.

Transparency definitely help to attract the patients you are targeting your videos with.

Contact us here at and we’ll help you create effective content for your physical therapy practice. We’ll find the right mood you need in your content based on your personal approach to patients.

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