Physical Therapy Blog Ideas

Online blogging has given individuals and businesses alike the opportunity to reach out to others, spread their message, and gain support for their practice and profession.

Physical therapy blogs are a great way for physical therapists to explain more about their work, inform the public about health conditions, and connect with potential patients.

While blogging about physical therapy can seem more daunting than posting about the movie you saw last night, it is a great chance to gain awareness about your services. Keep reading for some physical therapy blog ideas, and let us help you make your blog a success!

iconWhat to Blog About


While the idea of starting a blog may seem exciting, knowing what to write about can be a gigantic challenge. Listed below are three of the most important things that you should stress when writing a blog for your physical therapy services:

1. Remind Readers to see a Physical Therapist First! A common tenant in medicine is the use of conservative treatment before other options are explored. Too often, patients think that they should turn to prescription drugs or invasive surgery for treatment before looking into conservative care. Throughout your blog posts, strive to make sure readers realize that seeing a physical therapist should be their first step before they investigate other options. Write some posts about the ways that physical therapy has benefited real-life patients.

2. Show the Benefits of Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is a clinically proven way to treat a wide variety of different movement disorders. Unlike other treatment options, physical therapy rarely has any negative side-effects and is good for the body and mind. Use your writings to prove to readers that seeing a physical therapist is a fast, easy and affordable solution that actually work! Interest your readers in subjects about new therapy techniques and how they are being used to treat various conditions.

3. Toot Your Horn About Your Training and Accomplishments! While doctors are often viewed as professionals, the general public knows little about physical therapists and aren’t sure if they should trust them. Use your blog to showcase the extensive training and accomplishments that you and other therapists have undergone. Consider writing a section on “what it takes to become a physical therapist” and go into detail about your journey to become a therapist.

Using some of the physical therapy blog ideas listed above, you can start to write posts that will interest your readers while gaining their trust and friendship.

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