E-REHAB’s Website Resources – Our Response to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Outbreak for Our Clients

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How to "Get Your PT Online Marketing Right"

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We will review actual case studies of successful E-REHAB clients.

As you are very well aware, we are in the midst of a Coronavirus outbreak and considerable social action & reaction.

In an effort to support our clients, and the well-being of patients, we have put together resources that are available now, with plans for more in the near future.

Here’s What We are Doing:

  • We created a home page message
  • We created a special FAQ web page
  1. Messaging for your website home page
    We have a prepared statement for your home page based on the current best information available.
    Click here to see a live example.

    **YOUR ACTION ITEM: You need to let us know if you want this information on your website.**
  2. ​​

  3. You now have available a Special FAQ COVID-19 Page
    Click here to see a live example.

  4. We have created a telehealth page that can be added to client websites. We recommend you keep it short and have a strong call to action to have viewers call you for details.
    Click here to see an example.

Note: We understand every clinic is unique and if you need to supplement or remove what we’ve provided, please send a request to support@e-rehab.com with clear and specific information to replace our text.

More to come soon.


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