Physical Therapy Marketing – Secret Tip How To Generate Reviews

How to get a patient review in about 1 minute

When it comes to physical therapy marketing, you should make reputation marketing a high priority.  Here’s why.

Ratings and reviews are the second most trusted form of marketing after word of mouth (i.e. referrals).

Reviews show up all over the place:

  • Your Google Business Listing on Search Results
  • Google Maps
  • Google Local Listings
  • Google+ Local Listings
  • Google Adwords

Reviews can help someone that is comparison shopping choose you over your competition

Patients will look you up online before they come in.  Reviews will reinforce a referral.

Problems Collecting Reviews

Many think that you need a Google+ account and if you want to do a review on an iPhone or Android you also need the Google+ app.  This isn’t the case.

In the video I show you how to use Google Maps to get the job done in under one minute.  The Google Maps app is common on iPhones since Apple Maps just isn’t quite as good (but is improving every month).  The Google Maps apps is installed on all Android devices too.

So, ask your patients for reviews and have them do it on their smartphone right in front of you.

(Note, your patient will need a Google Account).

[info_box]Action Item – have patients pull up your listing on Google and post a review. Have patients do this right on their smartphone and guide them through the process. They will need the Google Maps app installed on their smartphone (most have it) and they will need a Google account.[/info_box]




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