Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas for Facebook

Physical-Therapy-Social-Media Marketing
Use the ‘Like” Button to Optimize Your Physical Therapy Social Media Marketing
  1. Add the Facebook ‘Like’ to Your Website
  2. There are lots of physical therapy marketing ideas you can apply to Facebook. An effective way to showcase your Facebook Page and social community is to promote it on your own website. A ‘Like Box’ makes it extremely easy for your visitors to ‘LIKE’ your Practice without ever having to leave your website.

  3. Add Link from Facebook to Your Website
  4. physical-therapy-social-media-marketing
    Use the “About” Box to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Website

    Naturally, you want to give your Patients access to your website from your Facebook page. In the left hand column of your Facebook page you will see the ‘About’ box. In this box, you can add a hyperlink to your website.

    You only have a limited amount of space so be sure to keep it simple by posting something like this: “For more info on our Special PT Programs, visit us at:”

  5. Engage Patients With Smart Questions!
  6. physical-therapy-social-media-marketing
    Engage Your Facebook Community with a Little Q&A

    Questions are a great way to engage with your visitors. Just be aware that there is definitely a right way and wrong way to ask questions on Facebook.

    Longer, wordy posts often discourage users from reading and commenting. Make sure you that you ask brief, well-stated questions that inspire Patients to contribute in your Practice’s online community with short and easy responses.

  7. Don’t Overlook Your Timeline Cover Image
  8. physical-therapy-social-media-marketing
    Create Your Own Facebook Cover Image using a Template

    Think of your Facebook Timeline picture as a massive Billboard everyone visiting your page will see. While as a Practice, you aren’t allowed any contact details on the cover image, you can still highlight your Clinic brand with a logo, staff photos or even pictures of your Patients (assuming you have permission and HIPAA requirements have been fulfilled). In fact, by using a clever mix of images and design, an eye-catching “collage” can serve not only as the cover image, but as a snapshot to what your Practice offers. If you’re not a graphics guru, you could have a professional designer combine your photographs. But an online search for “collage maker” or “photo stitching” will reveal many free sites to help you assemble the perfect Facebook cover composition. Here’s a link to one that we found. Let us know what you think.

  9. Optimize the Title of Your Facebook Page for Google
  10. If you have one location, or want to try to rank your Facebook page on Google for one of your many office locations, try to include Physical Therapy City (where City is the city your Practice is located in) in the title. For example, if your Clinic name is Acme Physical Therapy and you are located in Brea, CA, then title your page Acme Physical Therapy Brea CA.

  11. Don’t Forget to Secure Your Custom Facebook URL
  12. Once you have created your Facebook page, go to and secure a username for your Facebook page. Keep it simple so that people will remember it. If you get too clever or creative, you might confuse your audience. Also, optimize your username. Following the example above in point number 5, you should title your username AcmePhysicalTherapyBrea. That way, the URL of your Facebook page will be . This will increase the likelihood that your Facebook page will show up on page 1 when someone Googles “physical therapy Brea”.

[info_box]Action Items
1. Add a Facebook “Like Box”.
2. Link to Facebook from your site.
3. Engage your PT community with smart Facebook Posts.
4. Post a thoughtful, attractive Timeline Photo.
5. Optimize your Facebook page for Google.
6. Secure a custom Facebook URL.

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