Physical Therapy Marketing – 5 Tips for Facebook


The most common mistake when posting to Facebook is businesses don’t have a strategy. When developing a physical therapy marketing Facebook strategy first decide why are you posting this? What is it that you want to accomplish from this? Who is your Target Audience? What is the action item for the reader? Posting just to post will accomplish very little and is the quickest way to get “hidden” from news feeds.



“Sharing” is a great addition to Facebook and a great way to drive people to your Facebook page. When posting on Facebook only about fifteen percent of your “fans” actually see your post. One way to boost this percentage a bit is to encourage sharing. Try using these keywords “Like, Comment, Share”. For example, “LIKE if you agree!” When your fans interact on your page their activity shows on their news feed and leads to your post and YOU.
YOU (through your own personal Facebook profile) can also share your business posts. Make sure you are posting as yourself and not as your business. Then go to your business page, click the share link under your business post, and then share on your own timeline. Also, ask your Facebook frends to share your post as well! The greater the number of shares a post has the more exposure your business page will get.
-Key point… Make sure your post is “shareable”. Is your post valuable? If the tables were turned, would you want to share the post?

Engage Engage Engage.

Spark conversations about your Facebook posts. The key is to keeping your wall “alive”. Once you a start conversations though, you need to make sure you respond as well. It’s social media – back and forth. The average business takes twenty-two hours to respond, while customers expect a response within the hour or they will consider the conversation over. Another great thing about engaging your current followers is that their comments show up on their stream for their friends to read which indirectly serves you.

Easy Tools. Drive People to You.
• An easy way to get people to your Facebook page is by simply adding a link to your Facebook page in your email signature:
John Doe
Facebook/Username Like Us! 

• Also, adding your social media buttons to your webpage creates an easy way for your clients to connect with you.
• Adding your Facebook URL to business cards, marketing material and newsletters are great ways too!



Keep posting! This does not mean 10 times-a-day but on a regular schedule maybe two-three times a week. Obviously we know with everyone’s busy schedule it is hard to keep up with this; so, that’s why Facebook created “Scheduled Posts”. If you click on the clock on the bottom left you can pick a date and time for a post to go out.

We hope these 5 Facebook physical therapy marketing tips will help you generate more fans and more business.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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