Reputation Marketing Training

Here’s the reputation marketing training presentation recording. If you simply master this process, you will have the best reputation in the community and you will generate significantly more new business!

There are 3 steps to capturing a rating and review.

Step 1: ask the right questions of each of your patients.

Question 1: At initial evaluation the receptionists asks, “If care goes as planned and we’ve earned a review, would you do that for us please?”

Question 2: At or near discharge when the patient says Thank You, you say, “The best way you can thank us is to write that quick review. Can you grab your smartphone please?”

Question 2 Alternative: “Would you mind doing me a small favor and writing that quick review on your smartphone?”

Step 2: Tget your patient to the Write A Review Page on your website.  Here’s the video to show you how to do this.

Step 3: the patient writes the rating and review and if they do NOT write a Google review, they post the review online from their email account.  Here’s the video on how the patient does this.


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