Physical Therapy Ratings & Reviews – Don’t Ignore Good Reviews – Do This Instead

responding to physical therapy reviews

I want to share something with you that I see so many physical therapy practices failing to do – respond to good reviews.

Many business owners falsely assume that a good review means their job is done, and leave these reviews unanswered. Huge mistake!

People who’ve taken time out of their day to leave feedback are the ones most likely to return to your business. Responding to every review increases the likelihood of a return customer because it makes them feel cared for. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to show off your customer service skills to prospective patients.

Here are 3 steps to effectively respond to a good review:

  • Thank the Reviewer for their Time

Everyone’s time is valuable. That’s why you should open by acknowledging how thoughtful it was for the person to take time out of their day to share their feedback. This is an excellent way to show appreciation and make the patient feel like a valued customer.

  • Respond to Any Specifics Shared by the Reviewer

If the reviewer shares specifics about how you or an employee helped them, be sure to reference this in your response (but keep HIPAA/PHI in mind). 

This demonstrates that you’ve truly listened and digested their feedback. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to boast about how great your team and service is!

  • Finish with a Small Call-to-Action

A small call-to-action or invite to return is an excellent way to end your response. You don’t want to come across as ‘sales-y’ so make it feel as natural as possible.

It can be as simple as an invite for another appointment. For example, “We cannot wait to see you again. Be sure to get in touch with [receptionist name] at [phone number] when you’re ready for your next [service]!”

This is Why You Should Make a Habit Out of Responding to Good Reviews

Responding to positive reviews is such a simple way to make your patients feel valued and cared for. Remember, they do not owe you a review. That’s why it’s so important for you to acknowledge their feedback and show appreciation.

By doing so, it increases customer loyalty as they are much more likely to return to a practice that they feel connected to. 

How Will This Help Your PT Practice?

It costs nearly 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain one. If you’re not taking time to practice simple retention techniques like this, your marketing costs will be a whole lot higher than they need to be. 

By responding to your customer reviews, you will encourage current customers to continue doing business with you. 

As an added bonus, responding to positive reviews will attract new patients as well. We had this experience reported to us several times – i.e. a response to a review was reported by a new patient. A business that only responds to negative reviews runs the risk of leaving a poor first impression. 

By showing appreciation to everyone, you can easily demonstrate your commitment to excellent service for all. Making you much more appealing to prospects as they decide who to do business with.

Need Help Building Your Reputation?

You can reach David Straight, DPT, co-owner by setting up an appointment – just click here.  We have a large number of clients that have well over 100 Google reviews.  We can help you achieve this goal as well.


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