Your PT Marketing Mix – Use This Framework by Answering the 7 P’s

A marketing mix is the marketing strategy of a physical therapy practice that includes the main components that the owner(s) should consider to generate more business for the practice.

Another definition from is as follows:

The term “marketing mix” is a foundation model for businesses, historically centered around product, price, place, and promotion[1] (also known as the “4 Ps”). The marketing mix has been defined as the “set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market”. Reference

Another way of stating it is that the 7P’s provide a framework to develop a practical marketing plan for satisfying patients’ wants and needs and generating more referrals/new business to increase overall revenue and profit.

Here’s a Classic Framework to Create Your Marketing Mix

Practice owners and their supporting marketing staff can use this simple framework to outline their business’ 7Ps before executing the marketing plan.

The 7Ps Marketing Mix graphic noted above at the top of this blog post represents the following:

Product – the physical therapy products (more accurately the services), are the offerings of the practice.   Examples are a spine rehab program, a vestibular rehab program, a pelvic floor program, sports therapy, wellness/fitness programs, etc.

Place – the place is where the services are delivered.  It may be within the walls of the clinic, the services may be delivered at home, perhaps at a patient’s place of employment, on a sports field, etc.

Price – this is the fee you are going to charge for your services. Often the maximum fee a practice can obtain for the delivery of service is capped by an insurance contract. However, by working with your billing company/team, you can maximize your reimbursement for the delivery of services to the marketing you are choosing to serve.

Promotion – the promotion of the 7P’s framework is the offer and the channel that you are going to make to a given target audience.  For example, if you are going to offer discount exams to shoulder patients through the Facebook ad platform, that would be the Promotion.

Process – these are both the internal processes and the barriers to delivering the best patient care possible.  For some, the process might be one-on-one care.  For others, it might be efficiently seeing 2-4 patients in an hour.  There are many processes in a marketing mix. If you improve on your processes (examples might be – how to answer phone calls & convert them to initial evals, or questions to ask new patients, or consistently reaching out to doctors) then you can significantly improve your marketing outcomes (sometimes called your conversion rate).

People – the people are the members of the organization that deliver the service.  This includes everyone that is involved in the delivery of clinical care.  Your receptionist, scheduler, billing staff/outsourced vendors, and of course your licensed clinicians.  Good people are at the heart of any successful physical therapy practice.  Providing them with good marketing, sales, clinical, and communications processes, will go a long way to helping the business succeed.

Physical evidence – your physical evidence, in a service business like physical therapy, is what people see before they buy physical therapy services from you.  It’s your website, the photos on your Google Business Profile, your business cards, your referral pads, your brochure, they way your clinic looks, the way you dress, and any/all of your marketing materials.  Your logo, your signage, the color scheme and design are all types of physical evidence that can/should be aligned with your marketing and brand.  In a service business like physical therapy, people judge what they can’t see based on what they can see.  This is why a great website, as an example, is so important for your practice.

Get your “physical evidence” right and you can convert prospects into physical therapy patients.  Get it wrong and you’ll never know what you’ve missed.David Straight, DPT,

Think of the Graphic Here or Save It to Recall the 7P’s

Each component of this market mix(the Ps) is denoted with appropriate graphic icons, e.g., price tag symbol for Price, package box icon for the product, etc.

The 7Ps Marketing Mix and graphic can provide practice owners with a roadmap on to what to pursue and optimize to serve a given market. Clinic owners can thus define their product, pricing, selling location, promotion & offers, physical evidence, workforce, and processing techniques buy thinking through and documenting  their own specific 7 P’s for their individual marketing plan.

How Can Help

When it comes to defining your 7 P’s, E-rehab can provide essential components of just about any marketing mix.  From great physical evidence in the form of a website, helping you promote a service with online ads, to helping you craft a memorable story that funnels viewers to your call to action (i.e. good promotion of a service), E-rehab has the knowledge, skills, experience, and team to help you, the PT practice owner out.

To Learn More Call Us Now at 760-585-9097 or click here to schedule a time on our calendar.

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