Physical Therapy Marketing – 3 Ways to Capture Yelp Reviews


How to "Get Your PT Online Marketing Right"

and Generate 3, 5, 10 or More New Patients Each Month!!!

We will review actual case studies of successful E-REHAB clients.

When it comes to physical therapy marketing online, Yelp can help.  Yelp wants patients to review your business but they don’t want you to incentivize your patients to do so.  They want it to happen naturally…organically.   Therefore, Yelp provides verified business owners with 3 ways to get patients to your Yelp business listing.  If you don’t have a Yelp business listing, click here to read the article on how to do this.

Remind Customers You are on Yelp

1. Add a Yelp Review Badge to your website.  To do this, log in to your Yelp business account, copy the code Yelp provides you and paste it into your website.

yelp review badge

Review badge on website


2. Include stickers on your place of business and include a QR code that will take reviewers directly to your Yelp business listing.  They are now able to review your business right from their mobile devices.

yelp window sticker  example-yelp-qr-code


3. Encourage a Yelp review with every email you send out and include a link to it on your mobile optimized website too.

Physical Therapy Mobile Websites - include a link to yelp


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