6 Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas for Your Website


How to "Get Your PT Online Marketing Right"

and Generate 3, 5, 10 or More New Patients Each Month!!!

We will review actual case studies of successful E-REHAB clients.

Here are 6 physical therapy marketing ideas for your website

Most practices could do with more patients. That’s where physical therapy marketing comes in and physical therapy websites are an important part of the plan and process. Here are 6 simple tips, that if put in place, could help your clinic’s bottom line.

1. Show Off Your Testimonials
When choosing a new practice, reading testimonials from other patients will confirm to users that they are making a good decision by choosing your clinic.

Place your testimonials on their own page. Consider placing one testimonial on each page as well. Also, highlight them not only on your home page but also give them their own place in your navigation. Photo testimonials are great.

2. The “One Benefit Focus” Technique
What is the ONE super thing about your Clinic that you are offering?

If you offer too much choice then people find it hard to make a decision. So concentrate on just one amazing service or program that shows potential patients why they should choose your practice.

3. Behind the curtain
Some potential patients get nervous about what will happen if they see you for care. If they have never had physical therapy before, they don’t know if it will hurt, what you are going to do to them, and they will draw on past experiences with other healthcare providers that might have been less than satisfactory.

Why not make “first-visit video” showing exactly what will happen once they come in for their initial evaluation, guiding them through the process from the reception desk to scheduling their follow-up visits.

This will be reassuring to them and provides a higher level of customer service which is definitely a great way to separate yourself from the competition.

4. Demo – let them see the “hands-on experience”

Why not create a video giving a demonstration showing how awesome your clinic is? For example, if you have a staff member with an exceptional skill, or a program with unique results, then demonstrate how great they are!

When a potential patient can see end results, then will likely be more inclined to choose your clinic.

5. No Risk
Offer free screenings, next-day appointments or educational events to educate the public. This can offer peace of mind to potential patients before their first regularly scheduled appointment.

6. Positive Passion
Of course, and most importantly: You will always be more successful when the audience can feel your excitement for your practice. Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through and help generate new and retain current patients.
[info_box]Action Items
1. Go back and look at your website.
2. Really try hard to view it from the perspective of a new patient shopping for a PT practice.
3. Then review the items above and update your content to differentiate yourself from the competition.[/info_box]


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